Sunday, April 27, 2014

Teens Talk Back: Reflection

After learning and seeing images/videos/articles about teens in the media and the negative stigma around them in the media I think it was interesting and almost a full circle to be able to Google and research about how teens resist and talks back to the dominant images in society. After my Google search(which was very difficult), I came across an article that discusses the opportunity a recreational center was having to allow teens to talk back and discuss the common stereotypes they find themselves in. The article provided students in high school ages 14-18 to talk about the negative stereotypes they commonly are associated with and represent their selves.  I then changed my search to YouTube after being unsuccessful. I came across this video and teens are talking about the common stereotypes that are associated with them, usually always being on their phone or too busy on Facebook. The audience asks the teens questions, one of the questions was something about being constantly on Facebook. One of the teens replied back with parents not understanding because they didn't have Facebook and times have changed. I think that's 100% true teens are being judged for what's common in society today, such as using the internet when parents use the internet just as much. Teens talk back reminds me of Cinderella Ate My daughter and how society isn't letting teens experience and be normal 14 year olds but rather enforcing common stereotypes like Cinderella and finding a prince, when in reality its not going to happen like that! Teens need to be able to explore and socialize with their friends in order to  really grow up. After searching for articles and videos on teens talking back it was so difficult, it makes me think why don't teens talk back as much as they should? what could we do to change this?      


  1. Seriously! the video was pretty cool!! Interacting offline can determine who these "real friends" are. As old as I still hear people say I'm on Facebook too much or my phone in general. Teens are not the only ones!

  2. I agree! I liked the video and it was an interesting way of looking at this topic!

  3. I really liked this. It wasn't some adult reporting on what they think teens do or don't do or know or don't know.
    I think it connects to Raby and discourse too!